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Wave Slider

The Slider design features an aggressive dihedral angle for easier pull through the water and a large powerful blade face to get any of the heavier fishing kayaks moving. The blade is made of a durable fiberglass reinforced nylon. The stiffness of this blade promotes ultimate stroke efficiency. The Slider's adjustable length adjusts with high and low seat positions for fishing kayak seats. In the low position being closer to the water the length of the paddle should be shorter and in the high position where there is need for a longer paddle to reach the water more efficiently the Slider should be used in the longer length positions.

Slider – Fiberglass shaft, Fiberglass Reinforced Blades – MSRP $139

Fiberglass Shaft
Our fiberglass shaft is manufactured using aerospace grade fiberglass and epoxy resin. The result is a shaft with excellent strength to weight ratio.

Additional Information

Available Format

2 Pieces

Blade Angle


Blade Size

7.1" x 18" (18cm x 46cm)

Fiberglass Slider Shaft

37 oz (1049g)

Slider Adjustment Range

Adjustable from 240 cm – 260 cm

Sizing Increment

20 cm of adjustment

Available Colors


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