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Warranty Claim

Warranty and Repair

Cannon Paddles are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.

Within the warranty period, paddles found to have manufactured defects will be repaired or replaced as determined by Cannon Paddles. Paddles inspected and found to have user damage will be repaired at our cost of materials. We make every effort to keep these charges to a minimum and get you back on the water as fast as possible.

After we receive the required information, we will review and determine whether the paddle is covered by our warranty. If covered by our warranty, we will determine whether it will be repaired or replaced. Images should include close up images of the damaged area along with at least one image of the complete paddle and all original parts. Please also upload an image of your original purchase receipt.

    • Your paddle may need to be shipped to Cannon paddles for further evaluation prior to determination of its warranty status.
    • Your paddle may need to be shipped to Cannon paddles for a repair.

    Shipping costs, from your location to Cannon Paddles, is the responsibility of the customer. Shipping costs on repaired or replacement paddles found to have a manufactured defect are covered by Cannon Paddles for the lower 48 states.

    When shipping a paddle it is best to keep all packaging as small as possible. Even small changes to dimensions can impact the cost to ship an item. Fedex and UPS will implement a surcharge for packages over 48”. If you can keep your package under 48” you will save the cost of this surcharge. 

    If your package is over 48”, USPS is often the least expensive way to ship. When shipping USPS, packages under 1lb can ship USPS first class. This will be their least expensive option. If your item is over 1lb, USPS priority will be the next best option. 

    When shipping USPS Priority or First Class, items under 1 cubic foot are not subject to surcharges. 1 cubic foot or less is 1728 cubic inches or less. To calculate this in inches make sure that LxWxH is less than 1728. ALL paddles can be packaged under 1 cubic foot if care is taken to cut down a box to size or to wrap a paddle in cardboard.


    Please contact info@cannonpaddles.com with any additional questions or concerns.